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Software Developer

Software Development Professional

In 1958 John Tukey, a world-renowned statistician, published the term “Software.” During a 1968 NATO conference “Software Engineering Development” became a proposed field of study. Fifteen years later the home computer revolution began captivating a generation of video game hobbyist who defied their parents and made careers from the sport.
To be most effective, a modern software developer should be familiar with the following theories, in this order:

  1. Fundamental program logic, Data-types, disk I/O
  2. Regular expressions, recursion, error handling strategies
  3. Database I/O, database design, normalization, referential integrity
  4. Class structuring, object-oriented design
  5. Screen layout, good UI design principles, human factors engineering
  6. Report generation (text-based and common reporting package like Crystal)
  7. Network performance fundamentals
  8. Application and network security fundamentals
  9. Encryption fundamentals (symmetric, asymmetric)
  10. System architectures, n-Tier designs, model-view-controller, separation of intent
  11. Pros and cons of stored procedures and triggers
  12. Port programming, Web-Service calls, general Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
  13. Test driven development
  14. Use of architectural modeling tools: UML, SysML, etc.
  15. System theory and use of business process modeling tools: Visual Paradigm, Modelio, Grahm process-chart, etc.
  16. Business acumen, the blatant lack of business value vs. architecture cost balance in modern architecture literature, technical-debt
  17. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid), Complexity Kills, Shu Ha Ri
  18. A programmers value increases to a company as they broaden their knowledge of business dynamics

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