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Seminars . PMP Exam Prep Certification Boot Camp Training Classes - Albuquerque, NM

PMP Exam Prep Certification Boot Camp Training Classes - Albuquerque, NM

Attend a PMP Exam Prep Certification Boot Camp Training class in the ALBUQUERQUE area:
Register    Dec 11-14 Albuquerque, NM    Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North $1295
Register    Jan 29-1 Albuquerque, NM    Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North $1295
Add OnSite PMP Exam Prep Course Request an on-site course, or a course in your city.
Our course materials fulfill the entire 35 contact training hours required by PMI.
PMI Reporting Instructions

Based on the Latest PMBOK® Guide Version 5.0

Spend days 1-4 in class and take your test on day 5!  Our 4 day PMP exam prep course prepares you to easily pass the 200 question, 4 hour PMP exam.   Excellent prices and small class sizes bring big results!

Our instructor-led, in-person, classroom
environment, combined with our on-line PMP
simulation test, work together providing you
the knowledge and insight needed to
pass the PMP exam and earn your Project
Management Professional credential.

While other providers typically present the PMP
material from the encyclopedia-like prospective of the 
10 knowledge areas, our course is unique in that we
present the PMP material in a natural format  
following the 5 process groups. We start with Project
Initiation and end with Project Closing. We feel this
is a far better approach to learning the PMP Exam
material and being able to apply it to your
organization going forward.

In addition to study aids and the on-line test
simulation, all of our participants will receive
their own copy of the Project Management
Body of Knowledge Guide-Fifth edition.
Attend our four day class...
take your exam and
become PMP certified!

"Great prep class! Absolutely necessary and effective way to prepare for the exam. Thanks!"


Optional Money-back Guarantee

HyperLink Purchase our guarantee and get a refund if you don't pass the PMP exam.  
Read more about our
Money-back Pass Guarantee.

Pass Assurance

Red Rock Research is thrilled to offer our attendees Pass-Assurance Technology.  This technology--exclusively developed by Red Rock Research--shows you when you are finished studying and are ready to take the test.   
How do we do this?  We match your simulator test performance with others who have previously passed the PMP exam
Using our tool, you will know how your aptitude measures up to others who have passed the test indicating that you are finished studying and are ready to pass your PMP exam.

Bonus: Learn Microsoft Project 2013

We have partnered with Simon-SezIT to offer you a complimentary 'Learning Microsoft Project 2013' DVD!  This is 10 hours of excellent training on Project 2013.

Bonus: 120 Free PDU's

After achieving your PMP, the Project Management Institute requires you to  participate in 60 or more hours of Professional Development Unit's (PDU's) over the next three years. We have scanned the internet and put together a guide to 120 FREE PDU's found across the web.  Every PMP class attendee receives this guide.

PMP Exam Prep Course Overview


Our course contains the following program:

Part I - PMP Exam Prep Overview

  • Introduction
  • Red Rock Research Exam Guarantee Overview
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • History of the Project Management Institute
  • PMI Certifications
  • PMP Exam Overview

Part II - Project Management Body of Knowledge

  • PMBOK® Guide Overview
  • What is a Project
  • What is Project Management
  • 5 Process Groups
  • 10 Knowledge Areas
  • Organizational Types
  • Project Management Professional Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Part III - Initiating Process Group

  • Develop Project Charter
  • Identify Stakeholders

Part IV - Planning Process Group

  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Collect Requirements
  • Define Scope, WBS, & Activities
  • Develop Schedule, Scope, and Cost Baselines
  • Plan Quality
  • Develop Human Resource Plan
  • Plan Communications
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Plan Procurement

Part V - Executing Process Group

  • Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Project Team Management
  • Communication Management
  • Procurement Management

Part VI - Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

  • Monitor & Control Project Work and Risks
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Verify & Control Scope, Schedule & Costs
  • Report Performance
  • Administer Procurement

Part VII - Closing Process Group

  • Close Procurement
  • Close Project   

Different and Better

We know your have a choice.  Our goal is to be the most preferred PMP Exam Prep vendor in your area.  Our program is different and better than others you will find.  Here is why:
  1. Our instructors are friendly, educated, and have real-world project management experience.
  2. Our course fulfills all of the 35 contact hours required by PMI for the PMP certification. 
  3. Our pass rate for the PMP is 99%.
  4. We have the best guarantee in the industry.  We guarantee you will pass the PMP exam on the first try.  If you can't after two more attempts that we pay for, we'll give you the rest of your money back. 
  5. We present the PMP material in a natural format, similar to how you would need to perform project activities in a real-life project.  Other providers simply review the PMBOK, which is written like an encyclopedia, from front-to-back with you.  Our approach is much more valuable to your long-term retention.
  6. We have an on-line test simulator with over 400 questions.
  7. We have Pass-Assurance Technology. This helps you know when you are finished studying and are ready to pass the test.
  8. We offer a free gift to everyone who passes the test on the first try.
  9. We have a simple & easy way to memorize all of the difficult Earned Value Management formulas.  Attendees are typically able to memorize all EVM formulas within 15 minutes using a game-like technique we have invented.
  10. All attendees receive our guide to 120+ FREE PDU's available from various sources on the internet.  This saves you money in the future.
  11. After you attend our course once, you are welcome to sit in on our PMP course at any future time throughout your career. 

PMP Exam Prep Activities

Our PMP exam prep course contains specialized memory-training exercises novel to Red Rock Research.

Attendees will engage in memory-training exercises that enhance the ability of the attendee to remember facts and formulas.

Attendees will also have access to our on-line test simulator, containing sample test questions similar to the PMP Certification exam.   

Common Questions about our PMP Exam Prep Course in Albuquerque, NM

Why take the PMP Exam Prep course from Red Rock Research?

Please see our sidebar above titled 'Different and Better'.

Am I guaranteed to pass the PMP Exam?

Red Rock Research offers an industry-leading price, and an optional first-time passing guarantee for the PMP exam.  This means that if you purchase the guarantee,  we guarantee you will pass the test on your first try.  The PMP is a difficult test and we take are guarantee seriously.  If you don't pass the test on the first try we will pay for your second attempt.  If you don't pass on your second attempt, we will pay for your third attempt.  If you don't pass the PMP on the third try, PMI requires you to wait an entire calendar year before your next attempt, and Red Rock will refund you the cost of the course minus the test we have paid for already.  Check our guarantee against others and be sure they give you all of your money back, like we do.  We have noted that many other providers keep a 'processing fee' when issuing refunds.

What is your pass rate for the PMP Exam?

Pass rates vary over time.  Of those attendees who follow our plan, about 8 out of 9 pass the PMP exam on their first attempt.  People who study pass the test, people who don't study have to take it over again.

What can you tell me about the PMP Exam?

The PMP Exam spans 4 hours and has 200 multiple-choice questions with four possible answer for each questions.  This gives you about 1.6 minutes per questions.   

How is the PMP Exam different from the CAPM Exam?

The PMP and CAPM exams are based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  The PMP exam is based on the higher levels of the taxonomy (Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing) whereas the CAPM is based on the lower levels of the taxonomy (Remember, Understand, Applying). 

This means the PMP exam is based more on situational questions whereas the CAPM is based more on remembering lists and groupings, and inputs/outputs.

How many questions are on the PMP Exam?

The PMP Exam has 200 multiple-choice questions.

How much time do I have to complete the PMP Exam?

You have 4 hours to complete the PMP Exam.  This translates into 1.6 minutes per question.

How many times can I take the PMP Exam?

PMI allows you three attempts to pass the PMP exam.  If you can't pass it in three attempts PMI requires you to wait one year to test again.

Where in the ALBUQUERQUE area can I take the PMP Exam?

The PMP exam is take at a prometric testing center.  You can locate a prometric testing center in your area from their website:

Testing centers are typically associated with schools in the area and as such are open or closed in conjunction with their school calendar. 

Should I become a member of PMI?

Membership in PMI has many benefits.  Membership presently costs $129.00/year and generous discounts are available to students and retired professionals.  The most immediate benefit for becoming a member of PMI is the cost of membership plus taking the PMP exam is slightly less than the cost of the test alone for non-members.  Red Rock recommends you become a member of PMI.

Where do I start my application for membership in PMI?

Apply for membership in PMI here

Where do I start my application for become a PMP?

Apply for you PMP application directly on PMI's website here.

How much does the PMP Exam cost?

The PMP Exam presently costs $505 for members, and $555 for non-members..

How much does membership in PMI cost?

Membership in PMI costs $129/year.  Generous discounts are available for students and retired professionals.

Should I start my PMP application before coming to class?

Preferably, you should start your PMP application and finish it before class begins.  This is because PMI can take up to 5 business days to respond to your application.  If you wait until class starts you will be pushing back the soonest you can take the test by at least 5 business days.  This being said, people sometimes do show up on day 1 without starting their application.

How can I show people I have passed the PMP? Is there an official PMP registry?

Yes.  PMI maintains a public list of PMP credential holders.  You can find it  here.

Which version of the PMBOK® Guide is the course based on?

The course is based on the latest version of the PMBOK, version 5.0.

What score is needed to pass the PMP Exam?

PMI requires a 62% to pass the test.  Understand, though that this number should mean absolutely nothing to you because the test is difficult and structured with questions that are extremely tricky. 

What is needed to maintain a PMP certification?

To keep your PMP credential current you must demonstrate 60 professional development units (PDU's) of PMI-approved training during the next 3 years.  Most of Red Rock's course count towards PDU's.

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